Thank you runners for your overwhelming support for the 2nd edition of Arvind Sabarmati Cyclothon -2014.

Hope you enjoyed running this race this year.
We will be back next year with a bigger and better edition.
Thank you once again

Online results with gun time

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Announcement for the winners of Cyclothon 2014 :

Instructions for all winners for collection of prize cheques.
1. Prize cheques can be collected from following office of AMC during working hours.
Office address: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation,1st Floor, Finance Department,Sardar Patel Bhavan,Danapith, Ahmedabad-380001
Concern Person: Ms.Soniya Bhavsar,Asst. manager, Cell:09726245299

2. Duly signed authority letter in case cheque is to be collected by representative of the winner. Futher ID Proof of
representative is also required.

3. Authority letter should mention that the representative person is authorised to sign Declaration letter on behalf of the winner.

4. A copy of PAN card of the winner to be submitted at the time of collecting cheque.

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